March 12, 2010

Feature Friday - car caddy

Did all of you see this fabulous idea floating in the blog world a few months ago?  It's from Homemade by Jill and you can find her awesome tutorial here.  She has some amazing ideas on her blog.  When I saw this one I knew I would have to make it.  If you haven't seen her felt playhouse, then you have to head over.

I changed mine up a bit to fit our needs.  You see, we happened to have all of my husband's childhood Micro Machines.  Remember those?  Rex loves them, so I made him a cozy caddy for those.

There were so many pockets that I didn't want to put numbers on all of them, so I added the word, "Vrroooom!" to the bottom pockets.

We had some boats as well, so I added a couple of lakes.

I'm SO glad my wonderful mother-in-law saved so many of my husband's toys.  They are now all Rex's favorite toys.

He loves to get the cars out by pushing them with his little finger.

This cute fabric was dirt cheap at Wal-mart.

I added an elastic loop to close it with instead.

It didn't take too long to make and it's so nice to have a portable quiet toy.

It has kept him happy and fairly quiet at church a lot.  (Of course he thinks he needs to make the car's sound effects.)  Thanks Jill for such a great idea.


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