March 11, 2010

Here Comes Gunny!

Are you tired of your kids leaving all their toys out?  Have you stepped on one too many legos?  Slipped on a toy truck?  Let me introduce you to your new best friend - "Gunny." 

Let me explain.

He eats all the toys that haven't been picked up.

Apparently when I was little my mom made one of these.  I don't remember it, but she said they'd sing a song.  "Here comes Gunny.  Yum, yum yummy!"  He would eat up the toys that hadn't been picked up and he'd keep them for a while. 

Well, in the short day that we've now had ours, it's been very effective to say the least.  Let me show you how to make him and how he works.

You need about one yard of fabric.  I visited the remnant section and picked this up for about a buck.

You're basically going to sew a pillowcase, however it's going to be more like a sham because it need to open in the back.  So, cut out two big rectangle, but cut one into two pieces - one shorter and one longer.

Hem the edge of those pieces, overlap them and sew the case.  You don't have to leave an opening, since the giant slit will allow you to invert it.

Here's another option.  You can cut the top end to the shape of a hanger.  This way Gunny has a home in your closet.  I'll explain a little more later.

Create a felt face.  I opted to make mine look friendly.  I don't want to be giving my kids nightmares.

Invert the case you've sewn and glue or sew on the face.

Don't forget to cut the slit of his mouth open.

You are basically finished.

The opening in the back will allow you to put bigger toys inside.  I made it high so that your kids won't be able to reach it when you hang it up.

Gunny can be housed in your closet until you determine that he's ready to give the toys back.

So the next time you tell them to pick up their toys and you get this look....

...just remind him of Gunny.  You'll get this look and a clean, clean room to be proud of!

Good luck!  E-mail me a picture if you make one.  There's lots of room for interpretation.

Thank you so much for all your kind comments and support on my other posts.  You guys are all so fun!


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