March 04, 2010

Pull It All Together Pillow

As I mentioned in a previous post, I've been trying to bring some turquisey-blue into my family room.  I decided to make a pillow to help my cause.  I scored when I found this exact color in the remnant section of the fabric store.  It was $1.99 for the yard that was left.  It's a lot like burlap, but a bit softer.

Anyhow, here's the new creation:

I used heat 'n bond for all the parts of the flower.  I won't give a full tutorial here, but just some tips if you want to make one. 

- Start by bonding the smallest circle to the next and sew.  Don't wait until it's all bonding or you'll be trying to sew through three layers of the fabric and two layers of heat 'n bond.   (Not that I would ever make a mistake like that :)

- I wanted my stitches to show, so I used white thread.  In hindsight, I might use a thread color that blend in and then come back and add a cute floss outline.  Next time.

- If you don't want any fraying, add a fine zig-zag stitch instead.  I like a bit of fraying.

You can see how it brings out the same color in the rug.  It's a bit wild, but I'm not a fan of blah.

I think fun buttons can add a lot to almost any project.

Tomorrow will be "Feature Friday," but next week I have some projects I am SO excited to share....more playroom ideas and a cool boy shirt.  Stay tuned.  Thanks for stopping by!


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