March 10, 2010

The Quest for the Perfect Playroom - Part 2

Today I'm going to show you these fun frames in the playroom.  Come on.  Let's take a little tour and I'll share some of the room's history, too.

This is what the playroom looked like before we lived in this house.  Wow, lots to take in....really bright colors, toy overload, cardboard cut-out of Hannah Montana?  Yikes.  It was a bit overwhelming. 

When we moved in, the room had been emptied, but there were tons of nail holes. I have never seen so many nail holes in a home and eventually I got sick of filling them.  I decided to keep them on the wall that had Disney pictures accross it.

So, it transformed to this...

I bought a bunch of cheap frames.  I added an "s" verb to each picture for fun.  The backing is wrapping paper, so it was a cheap project.  They are all pictures of cousins.  (You can see I still have a few to fill.)  I love this idea because it helps my kids remember all their cousins, seeing that many of them live far away.  I also like the strong statement that repetition makes when decorating.

We also now have a ladder for the apple tree, thanks to my wonderful, talented father-in-law.  You can see Rex likes it.  (And I like his jammies and bed head.)

I thought I'd also show you these Ikea swings.  We have two in there (to avoid fights).  They are a hit and they're not too pricey - especially of you sew a pillow to go in them, rather than buying the blow-up cushion they sell.

I have a couple more BIG ideas in progress for the playroom and I'm so excited to share them, but they are taking a little longer to make than I'd thought.  Stay tuned.  It's going to be really fun!


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