March 23, 2010

Robot Rex

So, he suckered me into making him another t-shirt.  What can I say?  He's quite persuasive.  He's also been on a robot kick, so here's "Robot Rex."

This one was fairly simple.  Here's the process:

1) Blank tee.  Draw your robot and create a freezer paper stencil.  A robot is pretty easy to draw - just rectangles.  I think it looks even cuter when it's uneven, so don't sweat it!  I left out the legs and arms because I wanted to do them out of a different fabric to add a bit more color.

2) Paint your tee.

3) I cut out the arms and legs using pinking shears.  That way they had that bungy-robot look.  You know, like Inspector Gadget?  (Go, go gadget arms!!!  Yes, I'm dating myself here, but I think you know what I'm talking about.)  Anyhow, I used "heat 'n bond" to attach them to the fabric.

4) I took orange floss and stitched lines to the arms and legs.  I sewed on washers for the eyes.

This one was a big hit.  Usually he doesn't even want to get dressed.  He prefers pajamas, but he was begging me to let him wear this first thing this morning.  One point - Mom!

Wait!  Before you run off let me tell you something.....

You might have noticed the new tabs above.  One says "YOU Roared!"  This tab will give you the link to the new flickr group I just created.  The group is for you to share projects you've made that were inspired by this blog.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE share!  I am so excited to see what you've done and it's fun to share ideas.  Okay, now you can go.  Go take some pics and upload them, okay?  Thanks!!!

Thanks for dropping in, too!  Have a great day!


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