March 21, 2010

Sunshine Sunday

You know most of my thankful posts have revolved around my family.  I do adore my hubbie and boys, but today I thought I'd mention something different that I'm grateful for..... 

No, I'm not talking about my purse (though I just got it and I think it's so cute).  It's what the purse means.  Girl's. Night. Out.  Oh yeah, baby!  Once a week I get my wallet and change purse out of my diaper bag, throw them into a purse, and go cruise the town.  Okay, so I bring my little sis and we go to Target, but "cruising the town" sounds a lot more exciting. 

This is something I need.  I'm not kidding.  The key to being a sane mother is having a little time away.  When I come home they are sleeping sounding and I think they are perfect again.  If you are a mother and you don't do this you HAVE TO start.

After the deer poop incident and the neighbor boy tossing his cookies (see the end of Friday's post) a girl's night out was exactly what I needed.  Thank you husband!!!

Extra info: The purse and the hard wallet are from Target (surprise), the change purse is from Anthropologie (I splurged because I'm completely in love with that store and wish I could live there).


  1. I really could not agree more! I think I am in need of one of these. And what better place to go then Target with your sister. Sounds fabulous to me.

  2. I too agree with you. Mom's night out of Mom time outs are so needed to become a better Mother and wife!!

  3. cute bags! I'll have to look for that target one for sure. I always wonder if it's weird to carry a purse/bag I've made with a wallet I've made - somehow it seems too much. Anyway. I so agree with the girls night out!

  4. that purse is to diiiiiie for!

  5. Ohhh! My best friend and I used to have a Wednesday night Girl's Night Out when we lived closer and we also went to Target. Undoubtedly, we would spend an hour plus just browsing and walking through! So fun!!! I found your blog through a friend and am tickled pink! Your projects are inspiring, fun, and just my style. I will be back often-thanks!

  6. I don't know why this made me a little emotional. maybe i don't get enough time away but this blog makes so much sense. You come back, they are asleep and you think they are perfect again. I completely relate to that. Thank you for sharing


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