April 12, 2010

The "Always Tuck Me In" Shirt

Today's tutorial is a response to an e-mail I got a couple of weeks ago.  It read:

Could you turn a boys button down dress shirt into a onesie so it stays tucked in when they are crawling and walking and falling down every 5 seconds? You're crafty. I'd love to see how you did it before I screw one up.

First of all, GREAT IDEA, Kathryn!  Thanks for asking.  I thought of a few ways to do this, but I decided to go with the simplest one.  It's going to look like this.  Can't see it?  Only see a white, tucked shirt?  That's the point.  Here we go!

1) Find an old onesie.  I think we all have stained, dirty ones.

2) Cut off your dress shirt at the lowest point possible to make it straight across the bottom.

3)  Cut off the bottom of the onesie.  How much should you cut off?  You want the final product to be a little longer than a normal onesie because the dress shirt doesn't stretch at all.  So, figure that you'll lose about an inch when you sew them together and make it an inch or two longer than a onesie that currently fits him.

Notice that the dress shirt and the onesie have completely different widths?  Not to worry.  We will fix that easily.

4) Prepare to sew them together by inverting the onesie botton and placing it over the dress shirt (as shown).

5) When you sew them together, use a ZIG ZAG stitch.  This is essential.  A zig zag will allow it to stretch a bit after it's sewn.  A normal straight stitch won't have any give and it'll be really harder to get your little guy into it. 

Now for the width compensation.  Start sewing at the side seam of the shirt.  Stretch the onesie fabric as you sew so that when you get to the other side seam, they will match up.  Make sense?  It will spring back when you're done and it will gather up the dress shirt a little.

That's it!  It didn't take long to do and I must say it was nice to have his shirt stay put at church. 

He can crawl, run, jump (well, once he learns to do all those things) and that shirt will still be tucked.

Thanks again for the great idea, Kathryn.  Hope that helps!

Thanks so much for all your comments.  I don't always get a chance to respond to all of them, but they really do make my day.  I can't wait to try out all those fabulous smoothie tips you guys left.  THANKS!!!


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