April 30, 2010

Feature Friday - cute and easy patching, You Roared, and a Winner!

Once again I was on a blogging safari the other night when I came upon this fabulous tutorial on how to patch a hole in jeans.  You may think, "Duh Cheri!  How to patch a hole?"  However, this is a patch job that looks really cool....cool enough that I almost want to go ripping holes in my little guys' jeans.  This is the final look of what Katie from pujparent does:

Doesn't that beat an ugly patch?  My husband bought some pants that had a hole in them to start.  However, he gets really annoyed if the hole starts to spread.  I'm embarrassed to admit how long these jeans have been sitting in my craft room, waiting to be fixed.  I guess I was just waiting for this tutorial.  Here's my fix:

All better!  I'm still working on getting the fringe to lay better like hers did.

Thanks for the great idea, Katie.  Get her full tutorial HERE.  I would recommend a couple of things if you try this.  Use the lightest denim you can to patch it with or it's hard to get the heat 'n bond to fully bond those two layers together.  I think you could also use funky colored thread (or floss) on a little boy's pants and it would be SO cute.  (I didn't want to go too crazy on these, since they are my husband's.)  This may be a no-brainer, but stitch the lines by going forward and then back stitching, so you don't have to try and maneuver the pants back and forth.  That would be a nightmare!

Now, it's time to see what YOU have been up to!  Here are a few projects you've sent that I loved:

Rachel from Holy Craft made the Born to Ride Tee.  Isn't he SO cute?

BELOW:  Danielle from Sunshine and Spilled Milk made the Quiksilver-inspired Tee.  I love her color combos.  I completely adore this Wave shirt from 2nd Chance Creations in our Flickr group.  It is so cute!!!  The baseball tee and the bleached elephant are also from the Flickr group.  Such great ideas!

Meegin has several awesome shirts she's posted in our Flickr group.  The blue funky robot and the guitar shirt are hers.  Here's another fun robot shirt on a cute little guy and Maddie and Ben's mom made a great shirt for herself.

A couple of notes for the flickr group.  I LOVE seeing your stuff.  Thank you SO much for posting it, but please write your name and blog's name in the comment of your own photo, so I can give you credit for a job well done.  I hate not saying who made some of these great shirts!  Also, make sure your photos are open to the public so I can paste them here.  If you have problems with flickr, you can send me an e-mail with a link to your blog where you posted your work.  That works, too!  Thank you again!

AND....last but not least, we have a winner for the Anthro-inspired necklace.

#47 Amy who said: Sooo cute! Also, I absolutely love this blog. It is what I talk about with most people. And, of course, I'm a follower! :) Thanks for all you do!

No, she didn't win because of what she said :)  I did the random number generator, but didn't know how to paste in the screen shot of it.  Anyhow, congrats Amy!  Shoot me off an e-mail with your address and I'll send it off!


Anna said...

cute jeans fix! if you want to do a screen shot, just press your prnt scrn button on your keyboard, then open and crop in your photo editing software.

Nancy said...

Hey that's my sister! Katie (from Puj parent) so fun that so many people are loving her jean fix, I was looking at a pair of my son's jeans just today thinking, I need to pull up Katie's tutorial. Fun stuff.

Nell Escalante said...

I love that you have so many ideas for boy clothes. I am one of three girls and I love stenciling and screenprinting for women, not so much the fellas so my boys sometimes miss out, but these are great ideas for t-shirts. I will have to try some.

Katie Olthoff said...

I LOVE that wave shirt! I have a pair of plaid shorts for my little guy with some turquoise in them and I need a shirt to match...I've been thinking something water related and this is it!

Two Dollars said...

I'm tickled to have my wave shirt posted with my cutie pie Ethan modeling it :)

christy said...

It's after 11 PM Phoenix time, but I couldn't help but come & tell you I finally did a bleach pen tee! My son is 6 & requested a skull, even told me how I was supposed to draw it (as if!). Love the way it turned out, cannot wait to show him tomorrow. :) Thanks for the tutorial. I totally want to run to Wal Mart & buy a bunch more plain tees to play with. :)

Emily said...

You just made my day! The baseball shirt is mine! We left for a vacation very early Friday morning and Im just getting back to the blog and almost forgot to check back on your feature Friday, but I'm so glad I didn't forget now! I'll try to remember to add my name next time I add a new picture!

Unknown said...

Love it! I have a very similar tutorial up on how to fix jeans...but I love how she sewed over the fringe...I went around...I am going to have to try it out!

Aunt Mary said...

I patch so many of my husband's jeans as he is a farmer here in NoDak. When I did the patching on the underneath side you can use a large tooth comb and comb through the strings. You can then use a tear-away to place over it all when you sew so your presser-foot doesn't catch on them. Hubby likes the patch on the outside instead so I don't do this method anymore. Happy patching

Melissa said...

I've been keeping this tutorial in the back of my mind, and today I finally got to use it! My 7-yr-old son had a hole in his jeans that was getting bigger and bigger...and I don't want to buy him a new pair before he outgrows them! I had some iron-on denim patches in my sewing stuff, so a ironed a piece on the inside (which also kept the loose strings nicely in place), and then did the stitching on the outside. It looks SO COOL! Next up: a hole in my jeans (where I wiped out in the driveway)--I think I'm going to use a bright contrasting color this time. I'm on a mending kick this week. :)

just me said...

i found your blog a couple of weeks ago, have spent the last hour going through your older posts and still have more I want to see!!! My 14yo son is going to thank you to the ends of the earth for posting this!!!:) go back to the beginnning of the school year, brand new really cool jeans, wears them to the park/playground to hang out with some friends before school starts and gets the perfectly predone cool new made to look old hole caught on the slide, rips straight across the knee!! I've been planning on getting a patch of some sort but this is a way cooler idea!!! So monday he can wear his cool jeans again!!!

Mrs. W said...

Thank you for sharing!!!! I linked you! http://twolittlechickadees.blogspot.com/2011/10/jean-patches.html


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