April 05, 2010

A Memory Jar - the perfect gift

Okay, first of all I wanted to say thanks.  I was kind of worried that our Flickr pool was only ever going to be a Flickr puddle because there was only one shirt in it.  THANK YOU for coming to the rescue!  I clicked on it yesterday and was SO happy to see some fabulous stuff.  Thank you also to those of you who have e-mailed me links or photos to your stuff.  It has been so fun to see.  Make sure you upload to the flickr group or at least visit the group so we can all swap ideas and enjoy each other's work.  Click HERE to sneak a peek!

Today's tutorial is quite simple.  It's more of an idea really.  It involves decorating a jar, but the important part is the purpose.  This is a memory jar.  What do you do with it?

You give it away as a gift to someone you love.  Just fill it up with your favorite memories of that person, written on slips of paper.  Decorate the jar and voila!  You have a meaningful gift for someone you care about.

You can also continue to add more memories as life continues.  If you have a really big jar you can involve other people.  I gave one to my mother-in-law and had all the siblings write out some of their favorite memories.

So instead of giving a gift that will soon be forgotten, give something that will bring joy again and again - memories.

Stayed tuned for a simple, fun boy idea tomorrow and an in-depth bleach pen video on Wednesday!  Thank you so much for stopping in!


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