April 08, 2010

Popsicle Stick Pockets and a Refashioned Cardi

Today we're going to take a plain cardigan and turn it into this:

1) Make a pattern for your pocket.  Find a CD you absolutely despise.  (This one came free with a toy we got and it's HORRIBLE!)  Round your corners using the CD.  (Note: this is the pocket minus the top flap)

2) Take two rectangles much larger than the pocket pattern.  Head over to the ironing board with some popsicle sticks.

3) I think making pleats can be a little tricky, so I devised a plan to make it a bit easier.  Enter popsicle sticks.  I use them to make the pleats even.  You can iron the fabric with them in it and then remove them and iron it again.  That way you know the pleats are even.  I did two pleats on each pocket.  I also folded over about an inch of the top of the fabric and pressed it.

4) Now we're going to create the band that goes across the pocket.  Once again, place popsicle sticks onto the fabric and wrap the fabric around them.  Press.  Remove the sticks and press again.  (Sorry you can't see the full joke on the popsicle stick here.  Is that going to bug you?  Sorry!)

5) Pin the band across the pocket.  Remember how you ironed the top over about an inch?  You should be able to sew down the band and being sewing down the part you ironed down at the same time.

6) Sew on the bands and you now have this.

7) Cut them to the size of the pocket pattern and cut backs for them.  Sew them together (the "U" shape only)  and zigzag stitch them too.  Invert. 

8) Sew on the pockets.  Sewing with knits scares me, so I used heat 'n bond first, applying it to the back of the pocket and then ironing it onto the sweater from the inside of the sweater.  Then I stitched the pocket on.

Here's the finished look!  The arm straps are optional.  I'll have a tutorial on those when I do a different project next week, but they are pretty simple.

Now this plain cardigan that sat in my closet a long time will actually get used and it's perfect for spring.

Thanks for dropping in.  I'm super excited about tomorrow's Feature Friday.   Hint....it'll make eating a LOT more fun for your kids.  Stay tuned!


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