April 18, 2010

Sunshine Sunday - photography

Today and everyday I am so grateful for digital photography.  Do you remember developing your film?  You had to wait a week or pay a lot for one hour.  It seemed like half the pictures were blurry and you had to pay for the whole roll no matter what. 

Now we can take as many pictures as we want and that makes for great practice.  I LOVE looking at all our pictures and remembering each of those moments.  So, here are a few of my favorite pictures that I've taken in the last year or two.

I love Rex's completely pure and innocent face here.

I love how my older nieces and nephews are always willing to strike a pose.

I love that my two boys have two boy cousins who are close in age and distance.

This one was a miracle.  My sister and I got her youngest to fall asleep on her oldest.  Aren't they beautiful?

This is my handsome nephew who is good-looking and easy to bribe for pictures - a deadly combination.

Do you take billions of pictures, too?  It's addictive.  While my husband still rolls his eyes when I get the camera out, even he appreciates all the memories we have recorded.

Have a great Sunday!  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. These are so cute! Love the first one and the one with the boys in the wagon! My husband gave in a long time ago with my love of photography, LOL!

  2. Cute, cute pics!! I'm the same way...I always have my camera ready!

  3. Beautiful photos *and* subjects!! But how in the name of all things holy did you & your sister pull off the 'brothers' pose?!? A miracle, indeed!! And so SO sweet!

  4. Those are some handsome guys! I love all the fun pictures that you have taken. I still love the ones you did of my kids and the latest of our family. Thanks again.

  5. Anonymous18.4.10

    Love your fun pictures! I love to take pictures too and kids are such good subjects! On the other hand, i don't much care to have my picture taken!

  6. These are great photos - exactly how did you and your sister manage to get the baby to fall asleep on the older bro'...? Have you been administering sedatives??!!

  7. Oh yes, I just love pictures too. My husband rolls his eyes too and sometimes even loses patience with all my efforts to take more pictures, but he loves it in the end too. There is just magical about pictures. They bring back twise the amount of memories. These pictures are gorgeous.

  8. My mom laments that she didn't take more pictures of us as kids (we have Halloween, Christmas and bdays only) but with the cost of buying the film, taking the pictures & not knowing if it's good, developing them it wasn't worth it! She's glad I get to take 200 in one day, even if I only keep 3. :)

  9. great cauptures! My husband is the same way, rolling the eyes and telling me no. But i know he appreciates the albums (if they ever get done)

  10. I see that we can add photography to your list of ever growing talents. Beautiful pictures. Great work Lady!

  11. Wonderful pictures :)


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