April 04, 2010

Sunshine Sunday - Signs of Spring

First of all, thanks for all the great comments and suggestions about your favorite products.  They were so fun to read and I have a lot of new products on my wish list.

Today I am grateful for signs of spring.  We keep getting teased by the snow here, but I know it's almost over.  Hooray!  (Our grill had over a foot of snow on it yesterday!)

I bought these beautiful spring flowers as a centerpiece for our family Easter.  Aren't they gorgeous?  They make me smile every time I walk by. 

I am starting to get excited about seeing flowers outside and filling my basket with even more fruit.    It's so fun when there's so much fruit in season.  Yum!  Bring on spring!  (minus the allergies)

I've got a fun line-up of projects this week and I think I'll throw in an in-depth tutorial on the bleach pen since some of you did request it.  Stay tuned.  Thanks for coming to play.


Unknown said...

I'm so excited about the bleach pen tutorial! I finally found a t-shirt for 50 cents to use for my little guy. Can't wait to make one this week!

shara said...

not sure how i happened upon your wonderful blog. love lots of your ideas, they are awesome. i do however have one strange question.... {hope you don't mind me asking} how do you crop the corners of your pictures round? i have elements 7 and have googled how to's many times and just can't seem to get mine right. if you don't mind sharing your knowledge, i'd much appreciate it! thanks and keep up the awesome job on your blog. it's wonderful!


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