May 04, 2010

D.I. Finds and Transformations

Today's tutorial is as follows:

1) Go to D.I.  (Good Will if you live anywhere other than Utah.)

2) Buy some crazy stuff that your husband will roll his eyes at.

3) Make that crazy stuff crazy cool.

Really.  I want to show you a couple of things I found at D.I. the other day.  First of all, look at this chair!  It was only $2 and it rocks my little crafty world.  I think my great grandmother had these - no joke.  They had two left and I scooped them up quickly.  They will go in my craft room, which I will be working on as soon as the playroom is totally done.

Next up are these little jars.  They were also $2. 

I painted the edges of the cap black.  Then I printed some words to serve as labels on scrapbook paper and cut them to fit the cap.  I modge-podged them on and antiqued the edges with a stamp pad.....

...and now I have two really cute jars to hold some supplies.  (Plus I didn't spend the money on the cool thread holder I wanted.)

The craft room will be based around this cute Liberty of London basket from Target.  Yes.  The whole room designed from one little item I'm obsessed with.  I'm also trying to repurpose all sorts of containers from random products I've purchased.

The craft room will probably get a few posts of its own in the next month or so as I slowly turn it into a place where I can brainstorm, create, and secretly eat chocolate.

Anyhow, so head to the thrift store and find something great.  Just use hand sanitizer after you leave the joint :)  Thanks for stopping by!


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