May 05, 2010

Low-Budget Framing Solutions

I love decorating.  Maybe that's obvious, but let me add to that.  I love to decorate with meaning.  And I like to do it without spending a lot.  So, I want to share some ideas today of how you can do just that on your walls.

1) Calendars.  Buying prints can be expensive.  However, my mom taught me a little trick a long time ago.  She would find a calendar featuring an artist she loved and she'd frame those pictures. 

My husband loves cycling, so we found this calendar featuring vintage photos of the famous bikes races.  I framed 4 of them and hung them in our bathroom.  It's much more tasteful than a giant picture of Lance Armstrong if you ask me.  (No offensive, Lance.  You're great.)  Plus, it has a lot of meaning to him.

2) A piece of music.  You could frame a piece of music that has meaning to you.....the first song you ever learned to play....the song that was your grandmother's favorite......the song you danced to at your wedding.  I think it could be pretty to make it look a little aged, too. 

3) Maps.  I've seen a lot of maps framed lately.  These two are from Restoration Hardware and West Elm (respectively).  How much cooler would it be to frame a map of the little town you grew up in?  (Plus it wouldn't cost over $900 like the RH one!)  I served a mission for my church in Portugal.  I would love an old map of Portugal framed on my wall.  Beautiful!

4) Memoirabilia.  Maybe you have the ticket stubs from a movie you and your husband went to while dating.  Maybe you saved some leaves that fell in the yard of your first home.  (My sister did.)  Maybe you wrote a letter to your child before he or she was born.  I think any of those things could be gorgeous when framed.

I think our homes should tell our stories.  I'd like someone to feel like they know me a bit better after they've spent a little time in my home.  Plus, I love looking around and seeing things that bring me joy, things that inspire me, and things that remind me of the blessings in my life.

That's all for today.  Do you have anything you've framed that you love?  Tell me about it!

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