Are Tommee Tippee Bottles Dishwasher Safe? – 2024 Guide

This question, “are Tommee Tippee bottles dishwasher safe?” is quite common among mothers.

If you are among those who have chosen this brand, you probably want to know whether you should handwash the bottles or use the dishwasher.

This in-depth guide will bring you the answer.

Tommee Tippee bottles are one of the most popular brands on the market. And if you own one of them, you have to ensure they are clean at all times.

Why? For the safety of your baby.

By ensuring that the bottles are clean every single time, you are assured that your baby’s food will be healthy, at least when in the bottle.

Now that you have this brand of bottle, you may be wondering what kind of washing method is most suitable for them hence, the question.

Are Tommee Tippee Bottles Dishwasher Safe?

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Yes! All Tommee Tippee bottles can be washed in the dishwasher. And according to the manufacturer, you should also sterilize them after washing them this way so they are entirely free from germs.

Also, when you are through with washing, you should store the bottles on the shelf. This is one of the best places for keeping them safe.

It should be noted that when you wash Tommee Tippee bottles in the dishwasher, they can be stained and discolored.

This is because most of these bottles are made from plastic.

There isn’t anything wrong with the material. And washing them in the dishwasher isn’t bad but just make sure that there isn’t anything that can cause discoloration in the machine while washing it.

In the event that discoloration actually occurs, then it’s caused by other times you mixed with the bottle. And there is no harm in this.

Why Use the Dishwasher to Wash Tommee Tippee Bottles?

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In most cases, you are trying to keep the bottle clean to avoid sickness that your baby’s immune may not be able to fight off as effectively as that of an adult.

When baby bottles are hygiene, you can avoid resulting diseases like Hepatitis A, vomiting, stomach flu, and food poisoning.

However, you can also handwash your bottles. Most moms are afraid it may not be effective enough, which is why most choose to use the dishwasher.

As long as you know how to properly wash it manually, there is no problem with handwashing too.

Handwashing vs. Dishwashing


As I mentioned above, you can also wash the Tommee Tippee baby bottles with your hand, using warm soapy water and a bottle brush.

Some bottles often come with brushes that you can use for washing so you don’t have to buy extra. But what if you don’t have one?

You can use a small foam that can go easily in the bottle. However, the bottle brush is still the safest and easiest to use.


Washing the bottles in the dishwasher will obviously save you a lot of time and you won’t have to think about them when washing them.

However, the time-saving factor sometimes depends on the type of machine you are using. Some dishwashers have a long cycle that may even be longer than washing by hand.

Therefore, you need to check your dishwasher and ensure that the cycle is short and will be faster than the manual method.

Another advantage of washing the Tommee Tippee bottles in the dishwasher is that they are more effective at cleaning them since the temperature is often higher compared to handwashing.

This helps in killing germs and prevent oil from remaining on the bottle, which can transfer to the food.

Another thing to pay attention to when washing with a dishwasher is that you should avoid washing dishes like a bolognese dish that can turn the bottle color to orange.

If you are washing the bottles with other items, ensure that those aren’t going to stain it.

Should You Sterilize Tommee Tippee Bottles?

Most of these bottles are equally safe in the microwave as well as bottle sterilizers. Usually, sterilization involves either boiling the baby bottles, warming them in a microwave or using a dedicated bottle sterilizer.

Some moms believe that you should not sterilize the bottles after using the dishwasher since the temperature is so hot it can kill all of the germs.

Of course, this all comes down to choice. Some mothers feel that they will only use the dishwasher (and not sterilize) as long as the dishwasher can kill the germs.

A possible advantage is that this can help prolong the life of the bottle since you aren’t putting it through too much hotness. There are others that feel it’s important to sterilize in addition to using the dishwasher too.

If you have both sterilizer and dishwasher, there is nothing stopping you from using them both. Unless you want to save time, of course.

Will Washing the Bottles in the Dishwasher Affect Durability?

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Washing the bottles in the dishwasher doesn’t and shouldn’t affect the durability of the bottles.

Not only because the manufacturer said it’s safe to wash them in the dishwasher, but the plastic material is sturdy enough to withstand the temperature of the dishwasher.

While it doesn’t affect the durability, it may actually clean out the printing on the bottles. So, if that is important for you, you may want to wash the temperature you set the machine at.

Or don’t use it until you are sure you can get the measurement right without using the aid on the bottle.

You should also avoid washing the bottles with heavily stained items so they don’t discolor. Another important thing to note is that the stain can be permanent or easy to scrub off. It all depends on the material.

Some stain will remain behind while others will go immediately or sooner than later.

Final Words

If you are looking for the answer to the question, “are Tommee Tippee bottles dishwasher safe?”, you probably have an answer now.

Also, don’t let anything in this guide confuse you.

The most important thing is that you can use the dishwasher to wash your Tommee Tippee bottles. All the other details are just to help you understand the reason behind the answer.

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