May 20, 2010

The Quest for the Perfect Playroom - Part 4

As you probably know, I have slowly been turning our playroom into the playroom of my the boys' dreams.  The last and final project is an interactive train mounted on the wall.  Because it's been a BIG project, I'm going to post it in pieces.  There are 3 carts involved and I'll showcase one each day.  My super-talented sister Cassie and her hubby have helped make all this possible.  Thanks guys!

Today is the steam engine and Monday and Tuesday you'll see the other two parts.  So, here is the little engine that could.

I bought a sheet of MDF and a piece of sheet metal.  I cut out the steam engine shape from the MDF like a frame.  The sheet metal is screwed into the back so there's nothing sharp for little fingers.  The frame is then screwed into the studs on the wall. 

The rest of the train is just painted on.  The steam puffs are batting that I spray glued onto the wall.  They are high enough so that the boys can't mess with them.  I used a little bit of the excess sheet metal to dress up the rest of the train.

Now you might be wondering what the gray tubes are on the magnet area.  I bought this plastic pipe for about a buck.  I used a the same cutter that you use to cut branches to cut the pipes.  They are cut at an angle and they have magnets attached to them.  It's a marble run.  The boys will be able to rearrange the pipes in endless different ways to create their own marble runs.  I got the idea from this post on Ohdeedoh.

Like I said, I'll show you the next two carts on Monday and Tuesday.  I can't wait to get them totally finished and to show you!!!!

Tomorrow I have a nice, simple, springy Feature Friday.  See you then!  Thanks for dropping in.


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