May 16, 2010

Sunshine Sunday - little things

Here are a few little things I'm grateful for this week.

Bedhead.  Matching Robot Jammies.  Boys to Snuggle.  Naptime.  Bedtime.

Smoothie 'Staches.  Hulk hand-me-down Jammies.

Bath Time.  Gummy Grins.

Tomorrow we'll be sporting an adorable boy accessory.  See you then!


  1. I love jammies, too! Cutie-pie photos. You're right - definitely big things to big grateful for.


  2. Oh! i love gummy grins. Unfortunately, my daughters both got their first tooth at 4 months, so I didn't get to enjoy them near as much as I would have liked to! And jams are GREAT! I love them so much, I sometimes can't bear to leave them! ;o)

  3. Those are great pictures. I love those Hulk muscle pj's. Those are the ones that Rugby used to like to show everyone his pits. He thought it was so awesome. I love boys and their super hero jammies.

  4. What a sweet post.

    I love your V&Co flowers by the way. Very cool spin on it.

  5. Happiness. I am grateful for those things too in my own life. Cannot wait to see what you are showing us all tomorrow!

  6. Simply amazing. I haven't commented in a while but I love love love love the shoes. What size are you?


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