June 10, 2010

Father's Day Inspiration

A lot of time when you think of making shirts, you think of your kids and the things they like.  However, I want you to get some ideas of how to use the tricks you've learned to make a rockin' shirt for a dad you know.

A while back my 'lil sis came over and I showed her how to do freezer paper stenciling.  Here's a link for any of you who have had a hard time finding freezer paper.  It will last you forever.

She said she was going to make a shirt for her husband and frankly, I thought that was weird.  She sure showed me.  Her husband likes sports team clothing and Cass (my sis) found a way to make sports look cool.  This is what she made.  We were shooting for a men's Express kind of feel.

The head wreath, the word "Trojans" and the number are freezer paper stenciled.  The school song is written up the side with a fabric marker.

The back has a little "USC" and a star written with fabric markers.  Pretty handsome, don't you think?  (We can't say "cute" since it's a manly thing, you know.)

On a separate occasion she made him these sweats.  Sportswear can be kind of pricey, so why not make your own?  He really likes them, too.  (The outline was done with her fabric marker.)

Do you have some ideas brewing now?  I'll have another men's shirt idea next week to show you.  Thanks for dropping in.

Oh wait, here's something random that I having been giggling about often after watching it.  Check THIS out.


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