June 11, 2010

Feature Friday - T-shirt hats

You may have seen this tutorial on At Second Street or featured on U-Create a while back.  She made it look so easy.  I happen to have a little boy hat fettish, so I HAD to try it out.  I figure if I can start making my boys' hats, I could probably save some dough.  Anyhow, here is Kalleen's cute hat. 

I was dying to make a boy version.  Here it is:

I made one little alteration with the brim.  I wanted it to stand out like a baseball brim, so I traced the brim of a cap that fits him and worked with that.

I added some patches and painted them to give it a boy look.  I am nerdy excited that I made a hat!  I've never done that before!  Wahoo!

Thanks for such a great idea, Kalleen.  Click HERE to go visit her tutorial.  Thank you for reading!  See you soon!


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