June 12, 2010

Sharing Saturday - Your Questions

Alright, for today's Sharing Saturday we're going to start with three questions from three different people.  That way, there's sure to be something you're interested in answering.  Just answer any of the questions you can and we'll all pool together to help out!  I'm sure the people who asked the questions would love and appreciate your info.  Here we go:

(picture from flickr)

1) My 7 month old isn't showing much interest in crawling and he *hates* tummy time now that he can sit up. Does anyone have any good ideas for making tummy time more bearable/fun?

2) I would love to hear any great ideas you might have for last minute dinner ideas. I hate that five o'clock hour of doom when I have nothing made and no ideas for dinner time. I want some quick, simple, kid friendly ideas using average stuff I might acutally have around the house. Help!

3) I am working with teenage gang members and trying to find art directives they would be interested in... and using them as metaphors to extend into daily living. Any suggestions?

Thanks for sharing.  See you tomorrow!


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