June 20, 2010

Sunshine Sunday - Father's Day

Happy Father's Day.  Today I am especially thankful for the father that my husband is.

He is patient with our boys and teaches them step by step.

He loves to spoil them and share his favorite things with them.

He lets me go overboard on occasion.  (Like when I wanted to rent a cotton candy machine for Rex's first birthday.  We had a little extra.)

Best of all, he is a great example.  Someone once told me that when deciding who to marry, you should pick someone you'd be happy for your children to be just like.  I'm so glad I picked him.

Hope your father's day is beautiful.  See you tomorrow.

Quick funny story:  I bought my husband a waffle maker for father's day and Rex was with me.  He promised not to tell daddy.  Later his daddy was trying to get it out of him.  He told daddy we got him a pan that you pour batteries into (meaning batter).  My hubby didn't get it and I reminded Rex it was supposed to be a secret.  We happened to be putting Rex to bed just then and it was his turn to say the prayer.  He said, "...and thank you for WAFFLES!" in his prayer.  I guess he thought he'd give daddy one more chance to figure it out.  Never trust a two year old.


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