June 06, 2010

Sunshine Sunday - idiosyncrasies

When you really love someone, you love their weird quirks and idiosyncrasies as well.  Let me tell you about my husband's.  He has a scowl.  It's on his face a lot.  AND, it turns out it's genetic.  Let me show you what I'm talking about.

Here's Baden.  For every one good picture I have of him, there's about 15 like this.

See?  Here it is again.

Jeff didn't know what I was talking about until I snapped this photo a couple years ago.  This is one of my favorite photos because it's so them.  I love it.  It makes me laugh every time.

Here's Rex with a little more proof.

You can even catch a glimpse of it with Baden at this wee age.

Okay, one last one.  Here's Baden with his birthday cake last week.  He was clearly happy, but his sweet little face doesn't always know it.

I am grateful for my boys and all the goofy things that come with them.  Any crazy things about your family you love?


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