July 23, 2010

Feature Friday - mini mailbox

Today's Feature Friday is a double feature because I didn't do any of the work.  My brother-in-law made this awesome little mailbox while his wife was out of town.  His boys love it.  He got the plans HERE at Knock Off Wood.  If you haven't heard of this site you will fall in love.  Yes.  L.O.V.E.  There are plans on how to build hundreds of things and she'll tell you what to buy and the exact cost of the project.

This is my brother-in-law.  He loves playing with toys more than any child I know.  It's possible that he built this for himself and not the boys.  (He was a huge part of building the train in the playroom.  It never would have happened without him.) 

Back to the mailbox.  It opens in the back and has a magnetic closure.  The boys all love shoving anything they can into it.

They even brought it over for us to see.  It was a hit.

Yup.  My brother-in-law has skills.  If you'd like to make on yourself, here's the tutorial.  If you want to go drool over incredible designs with plans that make it look easy go visit Knock Off Wood.

Thanks for dropping in.  Hair week starts Monday! 


d.n.williamson said...

Sweet. My girls have the same mailbox, but it is not hand made. I believe it is by "Melissa & Doug". Have you heard of that brand? It came with wooden envelopes with little wooden Velcro stamps. They also love it when I set up "Post Office" for them to play. I buy stationary, stickers, pens, etc. at the dollar store to keep on hand and then let them have at it on a rainy day. Keeps them busy for a few hours. Our mailbox has seen better days, so now I know how to make a replacement. Thanks.

Heather said...

Love the mini mailbox! And I really am loving your playroom!!

Anonymous said...

That is so cute!! Who wouldn't love it! What a sweet brother.

mali said...

Coco is such the handy Man. Great picture of him and Cass.

Taylor Swim said...

Way to go Coco! I love it!

Delia said...

Very fun. Every kid {including me} loves mail! :)


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