July 16, 2010

Feature Friday - super hero capes

The time finally arrived.  He's been begging me to make him a superhero outfit....so I did.  There are a lot of tutorials out there for capes, etc.  I really liked this tutorial by Lynette at Get Your Craft On.  Her tutorial includes a great how-to for the cape, mask, and even cuffs.  Here's a girly version she made.

I was a bit excited to make this myself.  While I don't have girls and I've missed the whole dress-up and dollhouse stuff, this whole superhero thing is pretty darn fun.  I headed to Hobby Lobby and found the tackiest most magical fabric money could buy.  

May I present....Super Rex.  (Apparently even superheros can be caught in their undies with wet bath-hair.)

His identity is top secret.

Frankly, Superman has nothing on this little guy.

But, even superheros have to take a rest here and there.

Want proof of his speed?  Watch him out-run (or out-crawl) his super fast baby brother.

Yes, the world is in safe hands.

I had so much fun with this I almost want to make my own.  I let him wear his cape somewhere yesterday.  He refused to hold my hand while heading into the place, reminding me that he was a superhero.  I guess that cape is magical.  Here's the tutorial.  Thanks for the fun, Lynette.

In other news, next week will be a normal week and then the next week will be HAIR WEEK!  I'm excited!  Thanks for reading!  Have a fabulous weekend.


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