July 26, 2010

Hair Week - Styling your Hair

Alright ladies!  It's time for BEAUTY WEEK!!!  (I've broadened it a bit from just hair.)  Let me give you a quick run-down on what's to come this week.  Today we'll tackle styling you hair....whether it's straight, curly, long, or short.  Tomorrow we've got some fun up-dos and upgrades from your basic ponytail.  Wednesday we'll make some hair accessories.  Thursday is going to feature some summer nail fun and Friday we're going to have a giant episode of "You Roared."  Okay!  Let's get started! 


Since you asked, here is how I do my hair straight or curly.

Back when I was singing, I used to curl my hair all the time like this:

Here' the how-to on "Rockstar Curls."


This is my sister, Cassie.  She's my partner in crime at Loopdeelou.  She has gorgeous curly hair, but is currently rocking the short and sassy look.

Here's how she does her hair:
I start with my hair damp and add a dime size of "Enjoy" brand-shaping lotion which looks like this...

Then I blow dry with my head upside down and straighten with my straightener. My straightener I couldn't find a picture of but it's from Sally Beauty Supply and it's call the "GVP". It is the "Chi" brand rival but it's not near as expensive. I LOVE a good bargain and so I talked to the sales lady for a while and she said none of the workers owned a Chi because they were to expensive and this was basically the SAME one!!! Score and it was on sale! I have really curly hair and I can get my stick straight with this baby!!!
I use "Kenra" brand taffy on the ends to make them hold and add texture.
Just as a side note I LOVE anything from the Kenra line! Especially when I do my hair curly I use their curl defining cream (it doesn't give you crunchy curls!!!)

Then to finish I use Tresemme fine mist hairspray (You can get it at Target or Walmart). I have tried a lot of the salon brands but this seems to work just as well. It doesn't have a ton of hold so I don't get helmet head!!!
Good luck!!!


I have always coveted curly hair.  Tiffany here claims that girls with curls have more fun and I think she's right.  Tiffany is one of the kindest and coolest bloggers I know.  She is also always trying out different products and rockin' a new look.  Here is her amazing hair.  Click HERE to see how she does it.

Thanks for joining us!  I hope you've found something new and fun to try out.  Tomorrow will be filled with lots of fun hair ideas. 

Two more things before you go.

1)  Kendra from Belleza Mia (and Saturday' post) has offered all of you 10% off your purchase if you mention this blog.  Have fun shopping!

2) There's a new round up of So You Think You're Crafty.  You can head on over and vote if you'd like.


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