July 29, 2010

Summer Fun Nails

Let's be honest.  You can't hide your ugly toes all summer.  (Okay, when I say ugly I'm really referring to my own.)  You're going to have to bust them out so they should look presentable.  $40 pedicure?  No thank you.  Here are some fun little things I've found to give myself the look of a salon pedicure or manicure.

1) Stickers.  You can find these at Wal-mart and they are pretty cheap.  Paint your toes, add the stickers, then add a clear coat.  Voila!  Not bad, huh?  (I'm talking about the pedicure - not my feet.  This foot is actually my better foot.  Yup, the other one is even uglier.  I have what I call a "sneaky toe."  It hides behind one of the other toes.  My sisters make fun of me.  Some day when we're even closer I'll show it to you.  Or not.)

2) Nail Art Pen.  I found this the other day at Wal-mart.  I bought one by Crayola that was white.  I even went crazy and painted my fingernails, which I've probably only done about 4 times in my life.  (I never liked how they looked painted when they were so short and my nails have always been short for piano and guitar.  Anyhow, now I'm starting to think they still look cute painted even if they're short.  Goodness!  I am really blabbing on today!)

Here's what I came up with while doodling.  It was kind of fun. 

3) A Polkadot Tool.  My sister bought this at Michael's the other day.  It's what they use in salons for polkadots.  It was cheap.  She said you take the nail polish brush and leave a small dot of polish on something and then dip into it to make your dots.  That way you don't waste a lot of your polish and you don't make a mess.  Here's what the tool looks like.  (Sidenote: I think this tool is actually made for embossing paper, but it makes a mean polkadot.)

Here's her current paint job.  So I ask her if I can take a picture of her toes and she agrees.  She puts on her flip flops and lays on the ground on her back.  I ask her what the heck she's doing.  She says feet look better when you're not putting your weight on them.  I thought that was hilarious.  So now you have a tip for photographing your feet, too.  She's hilarious.

Tomorrow we're going to have a giant episode of "You Roared," so if you've done something inspired by this blog please upload it to the flickr group or e-mail it to me.  It can be a craft or even a hair picture.  Let's have fun showing each other what we've been up to!  I can't wait!  See you tomorrow and thank you for reading my blog.

My sister is having a rummage sale on Saturday and I thought I'd tell you because she's selling some gorgeous stuff.  She has great taste and she's trying to rid herself of a lot of extra decor, dressers, etc.  I'm also selling a lot of stuff at it including some original paintings.  Anyhow, if you're around Draper and you have some free time Saturday morning, click HERE for all the info you need.


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