July 25, 2010

Sunshine Sunday - jamba juice and silence

We spent a lot more time in the car this week than we usually do because we went out of town.  I am grateful for those small moments of silence in the car....because they are rare.  There's usually a whole lot of whining going on.  Let's just say I'm still learning patience.

Here's our backseat duo - temporarily quiet due to the jamba juice.  I think I'd like to permanently hooked up to an I.V. of jamba juice.  Yum.

Uh-oh!  Quick!  Plug the jamba juice back in!

Ahhh...much better.

I'm looking forward to the day they can drive themselves around.

Only 13 more years to wait for that.  Although, I wish I could keep these little faces this young and sweet forever.

See you tomorrow!


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