August 12, 2010

The Craft Room - Part 2

The craft room is making progress.  I have my dad to thank for that.  Let me show you what's been done in the last couple of days.  Remember what it originally looked like?  There's still a bit of work to be done, but it's immensely better.

My dad took an existing hand-me-down shelving unit we had and spilt it.  He reconfigured some of the shelves and made it fit my space perfectly.  Now you can see all the bins I've slowly purchased.  Now I can find my supplies when I need them, rather than spending half my boys' nap time looking for what I need.

Can you see the little boy cuffs on the floor in progress?  A few of you asked if we'd be selling them online and the answer is YES!!!  They will be available in an etsy shop soon.  Thanks for asking!

I scored the peg board for $4 in the scrap pile at the Depot.  It still needs to be mounted.

I had been searching for fabric for curtains and couldn't find anything with the colors I wanted.  Then I spotted this duvet at Ikea.  Bam!  I just cut it up the middle and sewed the edges shut to make curtains.  It was really easy to do.  There wasn't really room for curtains by the window and it didn't need them either, so I put them across the closet doors instead.  Buying a duvet is a great budget-friendly solution.  It's double-sided, so I could have cut it apart to make 4 panels for 2 windows if I had needed it.  Nice!

See how it has the green and the magenta?  Plus, it has favorite!

I have a few more really fun elements planned for the room that I'm excited to share.  Stay tuned!  Thanks for reading.


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