August 20, 2010

Feature Friday - hanging pin cushions

I saw this post way back in April and I've had it mentally bookmarked since then.  This tutorial is from Kendra at On My Side of the Room.  (She is also the jewelry designer behind Belleza Mia, which I happen to love and spotlighted a month ago HERE.)  Anyhow, she made pin cushions out of mason jar lids and hung them up in her craft room like this:

I thought it was a really smart idea to hang them, since I have little guys who like to get into everything.  I made these four.

I tacked them up by my sewing machine and put all my needles on one.  I am always losing my needles and now I won't be.

One more step towards controlling the chaos.  Check!

It was quick and easy and I like how it looks, too.  Thanks for letting us use your great tutorial, Kendra.
Take a little trip over HERE to see her full tutorial.  Thanks for dropping by!


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