August 13, 2010

Feature Friday - Little Boy Ties

Yes, this is another feature Friday where I can't take the credit.  As I mentioned, things have been a bit busy around here and my sister has come to the rescue again.  I've tried to convince her to start her own blog, but she says no.  Until then I've have to keep taking advantage of her so you can see her mad skills.  Wait till you see the master bedroom she almost finished at her place.  Amazing!

Anyhow, she made a bunch of the cutest little boy ties ever.  She used this tutorial from the Purl Bee.  Here are some of the ones she's made.

Pretty stinking cute, huh?

This is her little guy modeling one of them.  Yeah, she makes cute ties and cute kids.

If you want to try this one out, click HERE for the Purl Bee tutorial.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. What a handsome little man! I guess I'll just dream of the day a little boy will be sent our way and I'll be able to make these cute little ties...sigh.

  2. Those are so cute! I need to make 2 ties for my boys for a wedding next month but my sewing skills are awful! Actually they are more just non existent. My mom didn't give me her quilting/sewing genes at all!

  3. So cute!!! Wish my boy was still little!

  4. Those ties are great. The ones she made for our boys are their favorites. Super cute!

  5. Forgot the ties, that little man is adorable!!! Ok, the ties are super cute too, I'll be trying them out for my little men.

  6. Thanks for sharing! Love tutes for boy stuff! And her little boy is so adorable....looks like a little heartbreaker already ;)

  7. Those ties are great. I also love your nephew's sweater. Is there any chance I can find out where it came from? Thanks!

  8. AHH Im in LOVES with this post!


  9. i've had this on my list to do for a couple years now! i think you made have inspired me to get to it!! and man oh man... super cute little guy!!



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