August 05, 2010

How to Cover an Unwanted Logo

Today my computer got a virus.  Not cool.  So, I can't currently access my e-mail which is where I have a reader's letter that I'm answering today.  I'll summarize.  Our lovely reader received a zippered bag (about the right size for diapers) from a company.  It's made of vinyl.  She'd like to use the bag, but not have this giant advertisement with her everywhere she goes.  Enter Cheri.  What can we do?

I have come up with three brief ideas to tackle this problem.  Let's get to work.

Option 1: Sew fabric over it and embellish.

Find a fabric you like that coordinates with the bag and cut the fabric in a rectangle big enough to easily cover the logo.  Fold over and iron the edges for a clean look and sew it on.  If you like frayed edges, cut the rectangle the right size, through it in the dryer, and then sew it on, exposing the frayed edges.  If you don't have a sewing machine you could use embroidery floss and hand stitch it on.  (That might also be easier depending on the size of the bag and how difficult it is to maneveur it under your sewing machine.  It might require a little muscle power going through the vinyl, but it's totally possible.)

We're going to pretend that this lovely piece of white paper is the bag.  You've now sewn on the square.

Embellish with a freezer paper stencil design.  Here's an idea using images and fonts from picnik.

Here's another idea using rickrack and freezer paper stenciling.

Option 2: Ruffles

You could sew on one ruffle with a square behind it (as shown) or you could just sew on a bunch of ruffles.  I think it would look cool if each ruffle started and ended in different places (but still all parallel to one another).

Option 3: Spraypaint. 

Use painter's tape to tape off the area you want to cover.  (I would also cover the surrounding area with paper or something to block the paint there.)  Spray paint it!  It might take a few coats to really cover it.  Then you can embellish it any way you want.  You could even color a design over the painted area with a Sharpie.  Doodle away!

Now go have fun making your tacky logo bag into a one-of-a-kind adorable clutch.  The possiblities are really endless.

Thanks for reading.  I'm super excited to show you a birthday present my sister and her husband made me for tomorrow's feature Friday.  Stay tuned!


Unknown said...

Sorry your pc is ill! Love this idea though! Love turning freebies into something special. Just wanted to say that I posted about a Tee Shirt I made using your freezer stencil and flossing techniques and linked up to your blog. I only have 3 followers, so it's not like I'm really helping contribute to your readership, but I felt funny not mentioning that I was, well, basically, talking about you behind your back. It was all good I promise!

Justine said...

Love it! Funny how you're using a sheet of paper :]

Sarah K said...

Thank you for posting this tutorial! I am excited to try it out!

Bem Casada said...


Sou do Brasil...Love seu blog!!

It s Me ... kissesssss!!!!!


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