August 22, 2010

Sunshine Sunday - bellybuttons, batter, and beautiful art

Rex made a crucial discovery this week.  I came downstairs and he told me he had something to show me.  His Kix cereal fits perfectly into his bellybutton.  Victory!  I love it when he does goofy stuff.

I also love letting my boys lick the bowl when we bake.

I'm pretty sure they love it even more than I do.  It didn't take Baden long to figure it out.

Now that I finally have a little guy in school, it means a lot of priceless art is coming my way.  I'm kind of excited about it actually.

I asked Rex what the best thing about school was after his big first day.  His answer?  "The crackers."  Yup, those must be some crackers. 

Are some of you excited about school starting again?  Did the summer fly by super fast for you, too?


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