August 29, 2010

Sunshine Sunday - help, hair cuts, helping yourself

You know how sometimes things are really busy.....the laundry has piled up, your fridge is empty, the things you meant to get done a couple of weeks ago are still not done?  Then someone swoops down to help you out?  My parents and sister have been so helpful this week.

My sister showed up yesterday and gave my boys haircuts - another thing I had put off far too long.  She is one of the kindest, most thoughtful people I know and somehow I'm lucky enough to call her my little sis.

Now they both have their hair short enough to do the faux-hawk again.

Baden is learning to help himself a bit more.....sometimes in a good way, sometimes by climbing into the fridge to get grapes.

Any sunshine in your Sunday today?  What have you been grateful for this week?


  1. your boy is so cute when he is climbing to search for grapes!

    he has the super cute oops-you-caught-me look

    I'm grateful this week, for meeting up with my good friends, having such a wonderful time,and able to use my time to make the less fortunate feel happy (:

  2. My little girl "sneaks" grapes from the fridge too. How funny!

  3. You're so lucky to have a thoughtful sister. Maybe you could loan her out?
    I am grateful for a fantastic husband who is very observant. Before Little Man was born I had bought a pattern for cloth diapers (very disappointing, I'm always finding new problems with it) and last night my husband discovered the reason it's taken my son 3 months from his first steps and he's still barely walking. It's from the diapers, they make it hard for him to put his legs together and so he can't balance. So this morning I changed the inserts and made them contoured to fit him and he's walking around a lot more. Woo Hoo! Now maybe I won't have to carry him so much and hurt my back.
    Beth at Sand To Pearl

  4. Anonymous29.8.10

    Your boys are so handsome!

    This week I've been grateful for the sun when it peeks through the clouds. Too much rain lately...

  5. your boys (including your sister's) are too cute!! I seriously would love a tutorial on how to cut a boy's hair. The hair cuts look really great & professional!!

  6. Thanks Bear! I am grateful for grass!!! I LOVE looking outside and seeing where my boys can soon play!

  7. I am grateful that when I sneak out to run errands on Saturday mornings, my sons take great care of their lil' sister and NEVER complain. I think I should tell them that too.

  8. Hi! New to your blog and love all the boy-related posts! My 2-year-old had his first haircut over the weekend - given to him by my sister, too! And today we had family portraits made by a friend. I feel so blessed to have my family and talented friends!

  9. Loving the rockin' faux-hawks!!! Can't wait till my little guy has enough hair to do the same. Sunshine for me is getting Riley better (11 month old with strep throat = no fun) and trying to look at the up side to everything, he loves to snuggle up with momma right now. Relaxing at home... just the 3 of us.

  10. I love the new cuts! They are sooooo cute!

  11. I would love to know how to cut my little guys hair.It would save me so much time going back and forth to the hair dresser he spends more time there then I do. lol


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