August 15, 2010

Sunshine Sunday - summer, summer, summer

I'm trying to appreciate these last bits of summer.  There is something so inherently fun about summertime.  It just takes me back to being a kid and riding my mint green scooter outside till my mom called me in. 

We rode the tracks downtown with my family this week.  It's just fun to be out sometimes.  Baden had a great time with grandpa.

Rex is still stuck like glue to his visiting cousin.  Sweet grin and sweet bedhead here, eh?

Lastly, this photo made me really happy.  I love the long shadows and I love seeing Baden on his teeny little bike.  It has a little bell and he loves to make it ding.

Long live summer.  What your favorite thing about summer?


Missy said...

THE BEACH!!!!!!!

My Boys are such water babies, its so nice to just spend the whole day on the beach and play in the water.

I have two boys as well and I think they are pretty close in age to your kiddos I found it so interesting that Your youngest has a very similar name to mine! mines named Boden!

aren't boys the coolest!

Megan Hoover said...

we do Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels, TX every's a blast. i've been enjoying this blog so much -- keep up the great work. i'm momma to 3 so i'm always glad to see what other creatives are doing!

Danielle said...

SUN! Being outside! Here in Seattle we have about 9 months of fairly perpetual gray skies with low clouds so seeing the sun makes us feel happy and carefree!
I too have two little boys (and came from a family of all girls) and very much enjoy your blog. :)

DJ Rose said...

I lived in Seattle for 7 years. I couldn't take the rain anymore and we live elsewhere now.

But one of my favorite things about summer is going back to Seattle and soaking up everything about it.

Here in Utah, I love camping and being outside. We have almost 12 months of sun, but you can't be outside for 5 of those months. Aaah, sunshine.


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