September 14, 2010

In My Bathroom

First of all, the last round of SYTYC is now up and you can head on over to vote.  It's not anonymous this round, but vote for the project you like the best.  I'm really excited about what I made and Emilie's project is super cool, too.  Head on over.  Go ahead.  I'll be waiting here for you when you get back.

You know how life finally settles down for a while after it's been super busy?  Then you look around and's time to clean this place up.  It's in those moments that I actually feel really motivated to get all my things in order.  I want to sort through things and organize.  Well, that's the kind of kick I've been on for the last few days. 

I thought it might be fun to share some organizational tips with each other, so today we're headed into my bathroom.  I'm going to show you a few nifty things and then I'd love it if you have any tips or ideas you use to keep your bathroom in tip-top shape.

1) Sorry.  I can't spare a square.  (Remember that Seinfeld episode?  Loved it.)  I have one bathroom that has NO storage.  The sink is a pedestal sink and there is no place to store extra toilet paper.  The solution?  My sister told be about this nifty device found in the bathroom section of Target.  It hangs on the toilet and holds two extra rolls.  Genius!  Now no one who visits has to get caught in an awkward situation.

2) Ewwwww!  There's a hair in my toothbrush!  My next tip will help you avoid this.  I used to have my random bathroom utensils laying on a washcloth in the drawer.  Then my boys decided they wanted to share my drawer and things got messy.  I decided a silverware tray might do the trick.  They're like 99 cents at Ikea.  This way everyone has their own slot and nothing is mixing that shouldn't be.

3) Mr. Clean.  I realize I'm probably the last to know here, but this Magic Eraser thing is gold.  There were some marks on the tub when we moved in that I thought would never go away and go 'ole Mr. Clean took care of almost all of them.  I was pleased.  He's a pretty nice guy.

4) Kaboodle - a blast from the past.  Do any of you ladies remember the Kaboodle?  It was big when I was in middle school of high school.  They were plastic and held everything.  Well, I've grown up and so have they.  I found this a couple of years ago at Target.  When I do my makeup I like to have everything I might need right there, but I don't want to devote a top drawer to makeup.  Enter Kaboodle.  I can whip this puppy out of anywhere...... 

....bust it open and BAM!  There's everything I need.  Kind of fun.  I don't really wear tons of makeup, but if I want to spice things up one day I'm set.

Okay, now it's your turn.  Do you have any great bathroom organizational secrets?  Please tell!

If you didn't head over to SYTYC yet, click HERE to make the jump.  Thanks for reading.


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