September 04, 2010

Sharing Saturday - your questions

Today we have some great new questions from some of you.  Let's get to it!

1) Where can I get good coupons?

2) How can I make the Holiday season special this year with little or no money?

3) Not just for the Mama's, but for those of you who have undergone a body shape change similar to a pre-baby body vs post-baby body scenario, how do you reconcile the body you had with the body you have? I had my second child 5 months ago and I'm not bouncing back into shape as quickly as I did and I'm having a hard time with it. My body is so different, it doesn't even seem like "me". How am I supposed to feel like me, when I don't look like me?

If you've asked a question and it hasn't been posted, don't worry.  It will take a little while to get through all the questions, but I haven't forgotten you! 

Thanks for your help, insight, and input.


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