September 26, 2010

Sunshine Sunday - confidence, colors, and close calls

We had a pretty good week around here.  Rex has been requesting "Wolverine hair" for the days he has preschool.  Instead of telling him he might look a little crazy I just went with it.  I love his confidence and I hope he always feels comfortable expressing himself.  Here's the do along with his flexed muscles.

I was having a tough day with the boys a few days ago, so I decided we needed to do something fun.  I let the boys strip down to diapers and undies and paint themselves (with washable paint, of course).  Rex had a blast and asked if we could do it everyday.  Baden was clueless but we helped him out.

Lastly, I am most thankful for my husband this week.  He had a really close call.  He's been into cycling for many years and has never had a fall.  Wednesday morning at 7am he called and told me he had gone down.  I can't figure out how he landed because he had holes all over the front and back of his cycling clothing, on his gloves and he was bleeding in a lot of different places.  He must have flipped and rolled a lot.  He was really blessed, though.  He was fine and the sweetest man picked him up and brought him home.  When the man dropped him off he explained that he doesn't usually drive that route, but he just felt like he should that day. 

Life is great.  I sure love me three men.


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