September 12, 2010

Sunshine Sunday - words, watching, and willing people

I'm grateful for a lot of things this week.  Baden has started to use a lot of words lately and it's so fun to hear.  He'll bring me his shoes and say, "ba-bye!"  He says "bite" when he wants to try something.  His other favorites are ball, juice, and Wehh for Rex.  He is mimicking everything we say.  I would love to lock him in at this age.  He's so good and he's so fun.

Rex really took to these beads we bought him at Ikea a few months ago.  He wasn't that interested in them before, but suddenly this week they became fascinating.  He has made a ton of them and decided who to give each one to.  I've had fun watching him and having a little extra time to get things done because of it.  Score!

Lastly, if you contributed something to the JM Auction a while back, you might be excited to read this sweet letter I got yesterday:

I live in the town where the Cure JM auction was held and had the fantastic privilege of attending the auction tonight. I admit - the reason I went was to see all the crafty cuteness I heard buzzed about in blogland. You ladies did not disappoint!

Seriously - there were all sorts of women oogling over your cute items - holding the aprons up to their bodies to check for size, rubbing the soft fabric of the baby toys, telling their husbands (who I assume held the checkbooks) how wonderful the necklaces would look with this outfit or that.

Whoever made the Amy Butler Birdie Sling - that bag should have been chained down because ladies kept carrying it around the room to show their friends.

Aside from ladies trying on the aprons, the knit worm+apple and snail+snail house were the most interacted with pieces of the night. (And if you made them, please drop me a line because I'd love to get your pattern!)

The quilt...The Quilt...THE QUILT!!! Need I say more? Unlike the other craft items which were featured during the silent auction portion of the evening, the quilt was sold during the live auction. I double-triple crossed my fingers when I bid, but that beauty immediately shot up several hundred dollars above my price range. *sigh*

There were many, many more handmade items donated than I’ve listed here. I hope you know they were ALL admired. Small items were grouped together to make gift baskets. I didn’t have anything to do with running the auction, but from what I remember seeing of the auction sheets, all of the handmade items were sold for a good price. (Yes, ladies, you’d put Etsy to shame!)

Okay, I hope I don't get flamed for this...but I wasn't sure how well crafts would go over with the crowd tonight. I know WE love crafts, but the rest of the world doesn't necessarily. Many of the items up for auction were rounds of golf, wine, hotel stays, concert/sports tickets, restaurant packages, etc. But the crafts were some of the most bid on items, with ladies (or their looking-to-score-brownie-point husbands) checking back several times to see if they'd been outbid. This wasn't your grandma's craft show, if you know what I mean.

So thank you. I don’t know what portion of the funds raised came from craft items, but they were very much admired and appreciated. I couldn’t help but think how – out of all the items in the auction marketed towards adults (golf, electronics, etc.) - how appropriate it was to have homemade items - particularly items for babies and children – stitched or knitted or wrought with love – to remind us that the reason we were raising funds was to find a cure for a disease that affects sweet, young children and the people who love them.

Cheri, if you think any of the ladies who donated would like to read this, I hope you wouldn’t mind passing it along.

Many thanks

Rachel in Oregon

P.S. Blake Lewis (from American Idol) is performing at the Cure JM benefit concert tomorrow and attended the auction tonight. Twice…not once…but TWICE I was so engrossed in looking at something crafty, like appliquéd onesies, that I either backed into Blake or turned my head and ended up with my nose in his cheek. (He’s not that tall.) Nice.

Thank you for the thoughtful update Rachel!
And a big thank you to YOU for your willing heart.  You made a difference.  See you tomorrow!


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