October 18, 2010

Laundry Sign

I've been mentally planning on some changes to the laundry room for a while now.  That's how it works for me.  I think about changing things for months and months, but the rooms basically have to wait in line. I finished the playroom, then worked on the craft room.  The craft room is almost done and then I'll focus on Rex's superhero bedroom, and last but not least is the laundry room.  Who cares about a laundry room?  Well, anything that can make the laundry experience more enjoyable is a great idea to me.  Here's today's simple, fast, easy idea.

The other day I saw these signs at Hobby Lobby.  I accidentally deleted my before photo, but the sign was just black and it was 50% off, making it $5.  I wanted it to look rough and worn, so I spray painted it turquiose and then roughed it up with my Pampered Chef scraper.  (Sorry if you sell Pampered Chef stuff and you are gasping because I'm not using this tool for the correct purpose.)

Voila.  Now I have the first piece of my laundry room.  I want to paint the walls a really pale turquoise like the paint swatch  behind the sign in the picture below (which probably looks white in this photo, but it's actually pale turquoise.  Trust me.)  Right now the walls are a berry color (like they were when we moved in) and I really want to lighten it up.

Have you seem some of the amazing laundry rooms of blogland?  Here are a couple that make doing laundry look like a fantasy.

Show and Tell.  Gorgeous.

Those two ladies also have beautiful blogs.  Check 'em out.

Thanks for stopping by.  And, if you don't read on the weekends, be sure to check out Saturday's post so you can get your FREE canvas.  See you tomorrow! 


  1. I have that Laundry sign. I left it the black and hung it above my laundry room door. My brothers make fun of me saying I forget where my laundry room is so I have to label it! The turquoise looks very cute!

  2. I just found your blog and I LOVE it! Everything is so cute and you are so creative!

  3. Those laundry rooms are my dream come true. WOW!

  4. hey, thanks for the mention!! Your blog is awesome and i am very honored :)

  5. Those ladies laundry rooms look so luxurious! If I had a room like that laundry would for sure get done! :)
    I love that you painted the sign turquoise. It's such a fun happy color.

  6. I use my pampered chef scrapper for EVERYTHING. That thing is the best thing!

  7. I use my pampered chef scraper as a bone folder for card making/scrapbooking! I spruced up my laundry room too. So glad I did.

  8. Those Pampered Chef squares are little squares of plastic happiness. I need like 15 of them. Alas, I only have one. And he is a multi-purpose fellow. I think he thrives on being so needed and so versatile. And, in conclusion, my laundry room is small...and ugly. The End! :)

  9. Wow. Those laundry rooms are amazing. I wish I actually had a laundry ROOM. I have a laundry "pass through" on the way to the garage. Boo. Maybe one day. Sigh.

  10. looks great. I used my pamper chef scraper for the painted tape on our texture wall. We were making staight lines going across with 3 different colors and wanted no bleeding. It took a lot of work but it was worth it! Now if I would just actually use those expense pamper chef pans that I think I've only use each once.....

  11. Is it strange that even with your adorable sign mini-tutorial all I could focus on in this post is the floral rug behind the Laundry sign? A friend of mine has that rug in various sizes throughout her laundry/hall/powder room areas, and I am totally coveting them. But alas, they are not in the budget right now. Who am I kidding? They're never in the budget, because I'm a total cheapskate who can't stand to pay full price for anything--even if it's this cute. Hmm. Maybe I can find a used one on KSL or Craigslist...

    P.S. the sign IS cute. You posted pics of laundry rooms that actually make you want to do laundry (wow. impressive), but have you posted pics of your own laundry room? I'd love to see what it looks like after seeing the cute sign you made for it!


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