October 10, 2010

Sunshine Sunday - fire stations, fall, and feeling good

Rex had his very first field trip this week.  He and his preschool got to visit the Fire Station.  He even got to sit in the firetruck.  He is loving school and so am I.  Having some time to run errands with only Baden makes things a lot easier.

I love autumn!  We headed to the pumkin patch yesterday with the boys.  Excuse this picture, but I just couldn't help myself.  Cracks are only cute when you're this little.

Baden is the sweetest, cuddliest, and happiest kid ever, but due to his facial expressions I'm the only one who knows it.  I sure love this guy and his crusty faces.

We got a pumpkin for each family member.  Rex found a little one for Baden.

My husband never would have got the pumpkins to the car without Rex's help.  I love that he loves to help with everything.

After Rex was sick last weekend a couple days later Baden got it and a couple days later my husband got it.  However I dodged the bullet, baby!  We're all feeling well and life is back to normal.  Hooray!

What's your favorite part about fall?


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