October 03, 2010

Sunshine Sunday - laughing, look-a-likes, and Lisbon

On Wednesday evening I headed off to church for an activity I was involved in.  I was in a bit of a rush to get there.  After I had been there a while I looked down at my feet and saw this.  I laughed out loud really hard when I noticed, which obligated me to explain to everyone why I was laughing.  Whoops.  At least they were similiar.

One thing I love about having two boys is that Baden gets to wear everything Rex has already worn.  With each shirt there is a memory and I love strolling down memory lane when I dress him.  I did a little comparison with photos just for fun.  Yeah, apparently we only make one model.

While this may not interest all of you, this is something that sent my heart soaring yesterday.  This weekend we have General Conference for church.  That means our prophet speaks to everyone in a conference that is broadcast all over the world to members everywhere.  He announced that there will be a new temple built in Lisbon, Portugal.  That's where I served a mission.  I know the people there and was so overcome with joy by hearing that news.  We believe that in temples we can become families forever - that we can extend those family bonds even after this life.  (You can learn more about what we believe HERE.) 
What made you smile this week?


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