November 19, 2010

Feature Friday - Shoe Makeover

Not too long ago Disney from Ruffles and Stuff did this fabulous shoe refashion.  While I have painted my shoes before, I hadn't thought of what she did and I happened to have a really similiar pair of shoes to try it out on.  Here's Disney's before shot.

Here is her after.  I thought it was super smart and chic.

While I ended up doing something different, I still credit Disney with the idea because I never would have thought of refashioning these shoes.  I've had them for years, but I didn't really like them any more and I might have sent them on their way.  Here's my before.

Here's my after.

I'll give you a quick run-down on what I did in case you want to do some similiar shoe surgery.  First I removed the bow-loop-thingy.  (Yes, that is what it's called.  Surprised you didn't know that.)  It was really on there!  I had to lift it up and saw off the glue with a knife, but I won.

Then I made some loops with grograin ribbon and hot glue.

I glued five loops in a row (overlapping a bit) about an inch from the top.  (This picture shows three loops, but I ended up adding more.)

When I made loops for the top row I left a bit of ribbon at the top so I could fold the ribbon over into the shoe. 

I glued them onto the shoe and glued them where I folded them in.

They didn't feel totally done, so I bought these in the jewelry department at Hobby Lobby.  They were 50% off and I liked them.

I glued three to the top as shown.  You could always embellish with buttons or flowers.

And now I'm much happier sliding my feet into these.

I would have loved to have shown a picture of them being worn, but it just wasn't going to happen.  Yeah, one of those days.  Imagine though, that there's a really cute picture of me with funky tights and a gorgeous kelly green dress with black piping and I'm walking down a busy street in New York.  (Okay, so I don't have a dress like that and I live in Utah, but a girl can dream, right?)

You can check out Disney's fun tutorial HERE.  Thanks for reading my blog.  Have a great weekend!


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