November 24, 2010

For the Train Lover

Yesterday wasn't the best for me.  I spent a couple of hours in urgent care with little Baden.  He's fine - don't worry.  He's had this nasty cold for over two weeks and it's been getting worse.  They did a chest x-ray where they shoved his body into this clear plastic cylinder while he screamed.  Picture a slightly bigger version of the vacuum can you use at the bank drive through.  (If you're in the medical field I'm sure you're laughing at my description and you probably know what it's called.)  Then the x-ray didn't turn out so we did it all over again.  After 2 hours total of trying to keep this sick little guy happy in the clinic they said he's in the beginning stages of pneumonia and we left with a prescription.  I try to be patient, but sometimes I feel like this post my sister wrote.

Anyhow, the day didn't go as planned.  I finally got both boys down for a nap and went downstairs to sew.  I was working on a shirt for myself and it turned out to be the most hideous thing I've ever made or seen.  Yeah, you won't be seeing that puppy on the blog.  It has to meet the seam ripper first....or a shredder.

So instead of all my grand plans for today's post, I'm going to show you a cool toy at my sister's house.  My brother-in-law loves trains and wanted to have a really fun, unique train table for their boys.  He and my dad made this table and I'll give you a brief explanation of what they did.

Kind of fun, huh?  They bought the storage units/bins from Ikea and put a thick layer of MDF on top.  The MDF is bolted to the storage units.  The best part is the hole they cut in the middle so the boys can play with it more easily.  They painted the tracks and glued them down along with the buildings.  Some of the buildings are from the Thomas line but my sister also bought some unfinished buildings from the craft store and she painted them and then cut holes in them for the train to pass through.

The bins they sit on provide a lot of nice storage.

She even created a lake and beach that has some real sand on it.  Then the whole top got a thick layer of epoxy.

Here's my favorite part.  She painted a cute railway sign, including her boys' initials and handprints.

Every little guy who visits loves to play with it.

Disclaimer:  I cannot provide any technical answers about exactly how they did everything, as I wasn't a part of it.  However, I hope you enjoyed the show.  I think it's a fun homemade option that's a lot cooler than your typical train table.

Thanks for reading.


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