November 23, 2010

How to Post a Post

Today we're doing a little behind the scenes work.  A while back several of you expressed interest in knowing how I do my posts.  I've come up with a few things that help me post more efficiently and so today I'm going to share my little system with you.

When I first begin working on a project I make sure to take pictures all along the way.  I take 2-3 of every step because it's not uncommon for one to be a little blurry.  I like to have options.  Once the project is completed and my camera has all the photos I've taken, including the final pictures I dump them into my computer.  Recently I started creating files for each project and it's helped me a lot.  I'll show you what I mean.

This is my desktop view below.  See the folders all the way to the right of the screen?  They're labeled "train table, boys, how to post, and tee for baden."  When I dump my pictures I DO NOT just dump them all into one program.  I open them up and copy them into the proper folders.  So, I select all the photos of Baden's tee and drag them into that folder.  Then I'm not searching through thousands of pictures when it's time to edit or post them.

Now I have a file chocked full of the project's pictures.  It's not unusual for me to have 70 pictures for one project.  I take lots when I'm having one of the boys model something because it takes tons of pictures to get a good one.  Next I delete.  I try hard not to keep extra pictures.  I delete everything except the photos I'm using for the actual post (unless there are a few cute extra ones of my kids I want to keep). 

After that my folder looks like this.  Now if I need to upload some to picnik for editing, I won't be searching forever through the thumbnails.  I edit what I need to and make sure when I save them that I'm saving them to the same folder again.

After I have all my photos ready I upload them into the post in the order they go in.  I like to make sure I have a finished picture of the project at the top of the post and at the bottom of the post.  Once the pictures are in order I go through and write the text.  The pictures prompt me through that because I look at them and remember all the steps involved.  Below is a screen shot of me posting this very post.  Whoah...a post within a post...kind of freaky :) 

When I'm all done I proofread the whole thing and save it.  I would schedule it to post, but my schedule to post feature doesn't work for me.  I don't know why.  If any of you do know please feel free to tell me why.  I'll love you forever.

Since I can't schedule my post I head to my computer every morning around 6am (sometimes later if I'm sleepy).  I pull on my sleeper, tiptoe down the stairs so I don't wake my kids, and turn on my computer.  I proofread again and then publish that little baby.

The folder thing has helped me a lot.  It's so frustrating when you're in the middle of six projects and all your pictures are everywhere.  Having a system with phases or steps also helps me if I happen to get interupted, which happens a lot with my little guys.  If any of you have any great posting tips, feel free to share.  I hope you learned something new. 

And because there really weren't any fun pictures in this post, here's Rex giving you "Blue Steel" even though he doesn't know what that means.

Thanks for dropping in!


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