November 21, 2010

Sunshine Sunday - Chocolate, Parents, Holidays

One thing I am grateful for this week is chocolate.  I know it's a little thing, but I really, truly love chocolate - especially when it leaves me encouraging notes like this one. 

Speaking of my parents just moved here yesterday!  They'll be about 20 minutes away.  While I feel sad for my sisters they used to live by, I am so thrilled to have them close.  I feel so blessed knowing that they will get to see my little guys grow up.  You'll probably see a bit of them here on the blog because they are crazy-talented and love a good project.

Lastly, am thankful for the upcoming holidays.  I love good food.  I love teaching my boys what the holidays are really about.  I love spending time with family.  I love driving around to see Christmas lights.  I love scarfs and hats and hot chocolate.  I love the snow (for the first 2 months, anyhow).   I love picking out a Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. 

Here were the boys last year when we picked out a tree.  One year makes a big difference.

What were you grateful for this week?


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