November 14, 2010

Sunshine Sunday - Independence, Teaching Moments, Boys

Baden has suddenly taken on an attitude of independence.  He is completely insulted when you put him in his highchair.  He refuses to let you feed him.  Apparently he can now do everything all by himself.  He's 17 months old and ready for college, I guess.  I get a kick out if it.  Since he can't talk, I'll narrate his thoughts for you.

See?  I can totally do this by myself, Mom.  Don't believe me?

Watch this.  I meant to get it all over.  I know what I'm doing.

Don't try and tell me I'm wrong.  I wear the pants around here, lady.

A couple weeks ago we got in out last autumn hike.  I love this picture I got of Rex and my husband.  My husband is so good with our kids.  I love watching him teach Rex things..... how to dress cool.  This little number my husband is wearing used to be his father's.  Yeah, it's classic :)  I had to buy one like it for Rex when I saw it at Costco a while back.  That way you can really see the resemblance.

He also teaches him about the finer things in life.  Yes, Rex has even perfected the "pull my finger" trick himself.  My husband couldn't be prouder.

I never imagined myself in a house full of boys, but to tell you the truth, I wouldn't have it any other way.

I'm so grateful for the things I learn from each one of them each day.  Life is good.


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