December 19, 2010

Sunshine Sunday - family hikes, chubby cheeks, and mighty beans

We went on a little hike the other day when the weather was nice.  I like to linger behind so I can take pictures without them knowing.  This is my favorite view.

I also love seeing my three boys all in hats.

The only way to get a real smile from Rex right now is for someone to fake a bodily function.  That's what my hubby is doing here.  Yeah, we're classy like that.

I am SO in love with these cheeks.  I know someday they won't look like this, so I'm squeezing in as many kisses as possible right now.

Baden's build is so much different than Rex's.  Rex is a string bean and I've been calling Baden the Mighty Bean.  Have you seen those in the store?  They're these chunky oval-shaped characters that roll around in a funny way.  (Rex is getting some for Christmas....shhhh...don't tell him :)

And just to prove that he does smile sometimes, here's one last picture.

What's your favorite thing to do as a family?

Thanks for dropping in.


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