December 05, 2010

Sunshine Sunday - tiny, precious, meaningful moments

Sometimes when things are a little hard, God sends you one perfect little moment that makes everything seem better.  I had three of those perfect little moments this week.

I was at the drive thru at the bank and Baden was in the back.  He shouted, "Mama!"  I looked back and he said for the very first time all by himself, "I Wuuuuvvvoooo!"  (Translation: I love you.)  It was out of the blue and so sweet.  It made my day.

Rex started his good deed advent this week.  The first day's deed was to write a letter to someone he loves.  I let him choose.  After a little thinking he decided he wanted to color a picture for Jesus.  It was so sweet.

The other day we were leaving the grocery store.  The store we go to has an employee that is mentally handicapped.  He is so kind and it makes me so happy to see him.  He went out of his way to come over and say hi as I was loading my car.  I got Rex out of the cart and realized that Baden was covered in melted ice cream (from the little cone they gave him at the store).  This sweet boy pulled napkins from his pockets and carefully wiped Baden off.  Normally, Baden would scream when approached by a stranger, but he didn't.  As the boy cleaned him off he talked to Baden.  He said, "It's okay little guy, I spill sometimes, too."  It completely melted my heart.  He is the perfect example of the Christmas spirit.

(This was Rex two years ago and an old header I made for my family blog.)

Have you had a small little perfect moment this week?  I'd love to hear about it.


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