January 07, 2011

Feature Friday - Large Rosette

I came across this fun tutorial for a large rosette flower a while back.  Yes, there are billions of tutorials for rosettes all over the blogosphere, but this flower looked a billion times better than any other I'd ever seen (in my little opinion).  So, I made a note to try it out and then I forgot again until I saw Delia make one as well.

So HERE is the original tutorial from Tanya's blog, Trey and Lucy.  She also added a video tutorial (great idea) of it HERE.  Anyhow, I LOVE it in her hair and I LOVE the outfit she's wearing with it.  Gorgeous!

So, when naptime hit yesterday I headed off to make one.  Here's mine.

I haven't decided if I'm going to use it in my hair or on a cardigan or what.  We'll see.  I think it would look especially cool with a doily behind it.

The boys had fun seeing who could balance it on their head longer.

It actually conceals bedhead quite well....well, maybe just partially.

Once again you can find the tutorial HERE.  Thanks for a great idea, Tanya!

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  1. I just love this rosette! I made one in red and have bought fabric for in about 4 other colors. :)

    Yours turned out super cute!

  2. It would really cute on a sweater. In these pictures the boys look a lot alike. Do you think so or is it just me?

  3. i have to make this ASAP. tooooooo cute. i always make smaller ones...i'll go large for the wow factor.

  4. I love that you put the tutorial link at the top and bottom of the post. I wanted to finish your post before I clicked over, it was nice not to have to scroll back up. Thanks.

  5. Cheri thank so much! Your blog is fantastic and you did an amazing job on your flower!

  6. I really like the texture and color of the fabric you chose - gives it a very vintage feel. Good work.

  7. These giant rosettes are beautiful! I just found you yesterday and so far I love your blog and I am passing along an award to you! Stop by my blog and check it out.

  8. So cute!


  9. Fun! It would be really cute, if you could sew a back on it & turn it into a small purse, too! Rosette ear muffs?? I will stop being like Bubba, on Forrest Gump, as the possibilities are endless! I think it was the pictures of your boys balancing the rosette on their heads, that got me in a silly mood, Thank you!!

  10. so cute!

    love the color you used :)

  11. cool! i love your big version!


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