January 14, 2011

Five Finds Friday

I thought it would be fun to do another round of Five Finds Friday today.  So, here are five things that caught my eye this week in blogland.  I think you'll like them, too.

1) Kim over at A Girl and a Glue Gun is pretty darn funny.  You've all probably seen glass etching before, especially when used to label your pans, but her phrases are hilarious.  I hate it when I loose a pan, so I'm thinking this is a clever idea.  You can find her full post HERE.

This one also made me laugh.

2) Are you a little buttonhole shy?  I am NOT am expert with the sewing machine and to be honest, I avoid buttonholes when possible.  However, after a simple tutorial from Dana at Made I'm going to get practicing.  I'm going to figure out how my machine does it, because I've been doing it by adjusting all the stitches manually on the machine.  Anyhow, you'll find her tutorial HERE.

3) Delia from Delia Creates had some great snow and ice activites to try with your kids.  I thought this "juice-sicle" idea looked really fun.  I think I'll try it with Rex.  See all the ideas HERE.

4) I found this link via Someday Crafts.  Isn't this embroidered love note so cute?  It's from the blog Flamingo Toes and you can find the full post HERE.  I have a take-off idea on this that I think I'm going to try.  Hopefully you'll see it soon.

5)  If you likes aprons, Kelly from Sewing in No Mans Land has been doing an Apron Week.  The girl has sewn some of the cutest aprons I've ever seen!  Really.  All of them are absolutely adorable.  Here are a couple of them.  Click HERE to see all the ones she made for Apron Week.

That's all for today.  Did you see anything in blogland that wow-ed you this week?  Share it in the comments.

Thanks for stopping by.  See you tomorrow!


  1. Love those glass etched pans! How fun!

  2. I need to do those pans for my brothers upcoming wedding. That would be awesome:)

  3. I loved the juice-icicles~! Can hardly wait to share that one with Ben..
    Good Job~!~! Love your Post/blog.
    Have a tiggeriffic day~! ta ta for now from Iowa

  4. I just discovered your blog this week and it WOW'ed me :) I love all your bleach pen ideas and photography/picnik tips. Thanks so much!

  5. Love the pans. My friends leave their pans at my house all the time. I will definitely be sharing this idea! Thanks.

  6. I am so in love with your features!! I can't way to try the pans and the aprons. :)
    Thanks so much for including my Love Note with all the coolness!

  7. thanks for linking to my pans cheri!

  8. All great ideas! Really love the pans! And the button hole tut. I just read on another blog somwhere to use a razor blade (box cutter kind) to cut a button hole.

  9. Those pans are AWESOME! Thanks for sharing. I am totally going to make some of those. :P

  10. Oooh I need to learn buttons too!!!!

  11. Thanks for your wonderful blog and all your inspirations!

    greeting from germany

  12. I'm in love with those pans! Great ideas! Those pans are going to make me laugh all day.... ate too much-- priceless.

  13. I etched the bottom of my 9x13 pan with my last name...and about a month later it shattered in the oven. It may have just been its time to go, I'm hoping it was only a coincidence because a week later my sister's pan (we bought near the same time) did the same thing and her's wasn't etched. Its adorable and I want etch my new pan.

  14. in love with that stiching on "paper"...adorable.

  15. Oh my goodness! I am so flattered to be included on this list! Consider my Monday made ;) Sending warm thoughts your way!
    Thank you

  16. Thanks for the link love. I love those casserole dishes!

  17. I am so in love with that 'Sail Away' apron. Just beautiful!


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